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Accorto ‒ cork bowls

Expressive material in minimalist shapes


The “Accorto” cork bowls are made from European, thermally expanded cork. The cork is harvested as the bark of cork trees. The first time when the trees are 25 years old and then again every nine years, without the trees being damaged or even having to be felled. After harvest, the trees begin to form new bark and, in the process, remove CO2 from the atmosphere. On average, the trees live to be 200 years old.

The expanded cork is pressed into blocks under heat and pressure without additional adhesives or chemical binders. The granules are bonded solely by the suberin naturally contained in the cork. Over 90% of the energy for the process comes from the utilization of sawdust and grinding dust from the production of the cork blocks. In the next step, the blocks are cut and sanded into panels of different thicknesses. The “Accorto” bowls are milled from these panels in a German carpentry workshop.

The simple and reduced shapes with their balanced proportions bring out the special material to its full advantage. There are two round bowls for displaying on the dining table, storing at the entrance or collecting small items on the shelf. In addition, there are two rectangular formats that are coordinated and can be perfectly combined with each other. Due to the different depths, they are particularly suitable as a place to store pens and other office accessories on the desk.




Available in thermally expanded dark cork

Round large: 285mm diameter; round small: 185mm diameter; rectangular high and low: 285*90mm

Round small and rectangular versions: 115€ + shipping

Round large: 180€ + shipping

Lead time: 2-4 weeks

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  • Lars Dinter Design - Accorto
  • Lars Dinter Design - Accorto
  • Lars Dinter Design - Accorto
  • Lars Dinter Design - Accorto