“Oggetti Semplici” is the first collection that I produce and sell under my own name.

The common theme of this first collection is simplicity: each object is made from just one material and features natural surfaces that age gracefully over time but can also be easily renewed again and again. The collection is simple and pure, yet elegant and noble, highly durable and sustainable.

The objects form strong contrasts due to their materials and shapes and still they all belong together. On the one hand, the oak blocks “Aspro” with a coarsely sanded surface and their natural traces of the power of growth; on the other hand, the finely balanced “Acume” candle holders, whose metal is turned with the highest precision and which are then polished to a high shine by hand. In “Oggetti Semplici” original and solid forms meet light and delicate design; rough, natural materials meet fine and silky surfaces; elegant objects meet archaic designs. But always extremely reduced and simple in their logic - precisely “Oggetti Semplici”.