Acume ‒ candleholder

Precision and elegance through great craftsmanship


“Acume” are small candle holders made of solid metal. The candle holders have a cylindrical basic shape, but at the same time the fine design with its slightly concave surface on the top and the large radius on the bottom always offers the eye something new to play with. The light from the candle or the surroundings is reflected on the surfaces and brilliant reflections occur on the fine edge.

The candle holders are turned from solid material in a small metal workshop in Germany. A computer-controlled precision machine is used in which the parts are clamped by hand with great care. This means that an extremely high surface quality can already be achieved during the production of the raw parts. The candle holders are then smoothened and polished by hand to achieve a high shine in a second, specialized company.

There is a version made of stainless steel that shines like silver but does not require any surface coating. The stainless steel does not tarnish and is very easy to care for.

A second version is made of fine brass and the surface is not treated either any further after polishing. The brass surface will therefore naturally oxidize in air and develop a dark golden color typical of brass. If you want to maintain the shiny, light gold appearance, the candle holder can be rubbed regularly with a fine metal polish and a soft cloth. The “Acume” candle holder made of stainless steel can also be made to shine again with such a polish if fine scratches have formed on the surface after long use.

The “Acume” candle holders are virtually impossible to break. However, if they are no longer used, they can be sorted and recycled without loss and take on new shapes again.




Available in polished brass and polished stainless steel

155€/pcs + shipping

Lead time: 2 weeks

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  • Lars Dinter Design - Acume
  • Lars Dinter Design - Acume
  • Lars Dinter Design - Acume
  • Lars Dinter Design - Acume