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Aspro ‒ side table

Nature and time form the raw material; the carpenter as a sculptor


“Aspro” – which translates as “rugged”, “coarse” or “rough” – is the name for these objects made of solid oak that are sawn from dead wood in northern Germany. Unfortunately, climate change and the drought of recent years have meant that many old oak trees in German forests have died and now have to be removed from the forests. At the same time, the forest must be reforested with a mixture of trees that is as climate-resilient as possible.

If the oak trees were left in the forest for a long time, they would slowly rot over several decades and release the stored CO2 again. By using the wood as lumber or raw material for furniture, the CO2 is permanently bound.

“Aspro” can be used as a small table or stool or as a base for objects. There is a version with a natural, untreated surface that is only roughly sanded. Over time, this surface will take on the signs of use and develop a patina. However, it can also be restored to a “new” condition again and again by simply sanding it with sandpaper.

The second version is stained deep black with a natural solution of vinegar and steel wool, which reacts with the tannic acid contained in the wood to produce the black color. The depth and structure of the surface is then emphasized by applying a wood oil based on purely natural ingredients. This surface can be cleaned with a damp cloth and re-oiled if necessary.

The “Lars Dinter Design” brand is ultimately applied to the underside of the small tables with a branding stamp, so no additional material is necessary here either.




Available in natural oak and black stained, oiled oak

Natural oak: 460€ + shipping

Black stained and oiled oak: 740€ + shipping

Available from April 2024

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