Series 200 Side by Side refrigeration:
Furniture like quality for freestanding cooling appliances

New materials that are soft to the touch, precise manufacturing and a subtle technical tweak change the impression from machine to furniture


Freestanding cooling appliances are gaining market share globally. Even in Europe, formerly being a stronghold for built-in appliances, a growing number of consumers value the comparably larger volume, easier installation and the optional ice and water dispenser. Gaggenau traditionally is a pure built-in appliance brand, but has been offering a few select freestanding refrigerators since many years.

When an update was necessary because of energy efficiency improvements and changes in the supply chain, I redesigned the exterior of the Side by Side units. Why should a refrigerator always stick out so much from the rest of a high-end kitchen? Why does it have to look like a technical appliance instead of stepping back and integrating with the furniture? I developed two different versions: one very graphical with an etched glass front back printed in a light grey colour and equipped with black anodized aluminium fittings, the other one with a soft Fenix NTM© laminate front and bronze trim pieces. Both versions use articulating hinges instead of the single pivot point hinges normally used to completely hide the hinge from view and to reduce the gap between the two doors. The laminate version was equipped with an integrated handle and electronic push-to-open system and also features an unobtrusive ice and water dispenser.




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  • Lars Dinter Design - Gaggenau 200 Freestanding
  • Lars Dinter Design - Gaggenau 200 Freestanding
  • Lars Dinter Design - Gaggenau 200 Freestanding